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Cannot login to document page

It's a long time since I've committed my last bug fix.

The latest version of Mac OS X (10.9 which is called as 'Mavericks') has released and POPFile for Mac OS X needs to be updated.

Although I've uploaded the new version, I can't log in to the documentation page (I can log in forum) and I can't reset my password either.

The updated installer:

What can I do to log in documentation page?


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    Your wiki account (I think it was 'amatubu') seems to have been deleted. If you send me an email with the username you want to use I think can create a new account for you.


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      Hi Brian,

      Thanks! I come back!


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        Glad to see you got back in. I did some work on some skins lately that I didn't get checked in yet. Manni had to set me up with a new key, it had been so long I lost my old one. I should have more time in about a week to try and finish getting setup to check in again. Just wanted to let you know in case you were getting ready for a new minor release instead of just a Mac installer update.

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          Hi Joseph,

          It's been a long time.

          I think it's time to release a new minor update!

          I'll open a new thread in 'Bleeding Edge' forum to discuss the next version.