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Invalid Link
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    Thank you for reporting this problem.

    Although the URL now redirects to Mozilla's Thunderbird site some of the old Eudora support pages are available in the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine (

    I was going to replace the broken link with a link to the most recent version of that page I could find:

    but when I read the wiki page I realised that the page I'd found did not match the wiki page's description (e.g. the wiki page says "The support article instructs you to set Skip Rest in step 7" but there is no "step 7" in the page I'd found).

    The Wayback machine has 146 snapshots of the "" page (taken between January 24, 2001 and June 29, 2015) and I eventually found a page that includes "Step 7" but it is from 2003 so I am not sure if it is much use for users of more recent versions of Eudora.

    The wiki page also has a broken link to the Eudora support page about esoteric settings.