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 +====== Configure Lotus Notes for POPFile ======
 +  * In Name & Address book, Settings navigator, Accounts view: Add Account.<code>
 +Account name: [whatever you want to call it]
 +Account server name:
 +Login name: mail.isp.net:[email protected]
 +Password: *******
 +Protocol: POP
 +SSL: Disabled
 +Only from location(s): *
 +  * Substitute your values for isp.net and username. Save and close. Now when you replicate it will pull down your POP mail via POPFile.
 +Alas, Notes mail rules run only against mail received on the Domino server hosting your Notes mail. To get mail moved into buckets (Notes folders) one would have to manually run an agent for this.
 +(Verified with Lotus Notes release 5.0.11)
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