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 +====== Configuring Opera's M2 mail client to work with POPFile ======
 +This text assumes that you have already set up M2 for your mail account and everything is running fine.
 +===== Setting up M2 to use POPFile as a POP3 proxy =====
 +  - Install POPFile.
 +  - In Opera, choose File -> Preferences -> E-mail.
 +  - Click "Manage accounts".
 +  - Select the account you want to set up to work with POPFile and click "Edit...".
 +  - Choose the "Servers" tab.
 +  - Note the name of the incoming server that you currently use.
 +  - Change the incoming server to
 +  - Edit the username box to contain the information "mailserver:username". I.e. change the contents of this box thus that it now contains the name of the incoming server you noted in step #6, followed by a colon, and then the username that previously occupied the whole box.
 +  - Click "OK".
 +  - That's it. If you have more accounts and you'd like to use them with POPFile, start over at step #2.
 +===== Making M2 filter mail based on POPFile's categorization =====
 +  - Go to the POPFile control center in your web browser (
 +  - Switch to the "Buckets" tab.
 +  - Make sure that "Subject line modification" is switched to "Off".
 +  - Make sure that "X-Text-Classification Header" is switched to "On".
 +  - Right-click the spam folder in M2 and select "Properties..." from the context menu.
 +  - Switch to the "Filter" tab in the properties dialog.
 +  - Click "Add filter".
 +  - From the drop-down box that currently contains the word "Subject", select "Any header".
 +  - From the drop-down box next to it that currently contains the word "Contains", select "Matches regexp".
 +  - In the edit box to the right of these two drop-downs, type "X-Text-Classification: spam". If the bucket that you set up in POPFile as your spam bucket has a different name, e.g. "junk", then enter that name instead of "spam".
 +  - Click "OK".
 +  - If you have set up more than two buckets in POPFile then create a new View or select an existing View in M2 and edit it's properties.
 +  - Again, change to the filters tab and let it filter any header on a regular expression. This time enter "X-Text-Classification: bucket-name" where "bucket-name" is the name of any other bucket you have set up in POPFile.
 +  * Make sure that each of your filters has a space behind the colon after "X-Text-Classification".
 +  * Make sure that the spelling of your bucket names are the same in POPFile and M2.
 +  * There is no need to create a filter for your "Inbox" or "ham" bucket.
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