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 +====== POPFile Silent Shutdown Utility ======
 +==== (stop_pf.exe) ====
 +This utility shuts POPFile down silently, without opening a browser window.
 +The "Shutdown POPFile silently" shortcut on the Start Menu uses this utility with the ///SHOWERRORS// option and the UI port number selected during the installation. The utility can also be used in a batch file.
 +STOP_PF           <PORT>
 +STOP_PF           <PORT> <PASSWORD>
 +where <PORT> is the port number used to access the POPFile User Interface (normally 8080).
 +The optional <REPORT> value can be:
 +  * /SHOWNONE (no messages shown)
 +  * /SHOWERRORS (only error messages shown)
 +  * /SHOWALL (success or error messages always shown)
 +(/SHOWNONE is the default setting used if <REPORT> is not supplied)
 +The optional <PASSWORD> value is the password (no spaces allowed) for the POPFile User Interface. The "no spaces allowed" restriction is a limitation imposed by the current version of this utility.
 +Running the utility without any parameters (e.g. by double-clicking the program's icon) will display a help screen.
 +A success/fail error code is always returned which can be checked in a batch file:
 +ECHO Shutdown succeeded
 +ECHO **** Shutdown failed ****
 +  *DONE
 +(The /WAIT option ensures that the batch file waits until this utility exits, otherwise the batch file will not test the utility's return code)
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