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 +====== Congifure Ximiam Evolution for POPFile ======
 +===== Mail Configuration =====
 +  * Go to **Tools > Settings...**
 +  * For each mail account under **Mail Accounts**, click on the account name and click **Edit**. Go to the **Receiving Mail** pane. Change the host to, and the username to host:username. For example, if the host is //furble.mail.com//, and the username is //jrbobdobbs//, then the new host will be //, and the new username will be //furble.mail.com:jrbobdobbs//. When this is complete, click **OK**.
 +  * The first time you retrieve mail from your updated accounts, you will be prompted for your mail password again.
 +This worked under Evolution v1.4.0 - YMMV.
 +===== Mail Filters Configuration =====
 +  * Select **Tools > Filters...**
 +  * Make sure Incoming is selected, and press Add
 +  * Name the rule
 +  * Select Specific Header for the criteria
 +  * Enter //X-Text-Classification// in the box next to Specific Header (note there is no ':' after //X-Text-Classification//)
 +  * Select Contains
 +  * Enter spam in the box next to Contains
 +  * Choose your action (I chose Delete which puts it into Trash).
 +  * Save the rule.
 +That should work. Crtl+Y executes the rule against current messages if you want to test it.
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