0.17.3 (November 5, 2002)

 It's been five days, it must be time for a POPFile release... Here's what's in v0.17.3.
  1. UI pages are no longer cached by browser so you don't have to force refreshes
     (particularly of the History page).  (Thanks to djjames for the fix suggestion)
  2. New Security tab in the UI that gathers together all the security features in one
     place. (Thanks to sschinke for beating the security bandwagon)
  3. New Stealth Mode/Server Mode for both POP3 interface and the HTTP (UI) sockets. By
     default POPFile is stealthed and can only be contacted from your machine.  You can
     open up access to POP3 and UI access with two command line options -localpop and 
     -localui (set to 1 by default, set to 0 for remote access) and through the UI on 
     the Security tab. (Thanks to sschinke for pointing out an error in the stealth code)
  4. History page has striping to make it easier to read. (Thanks for zonk3r for the  
     suggestion and for getting POPFile on Slashdot and making my life a living hell :-)
  5. Configurable TCP connection timeout (see the Configuration page) so that slow
     POP3 servers are given time to respond to POPFile's requests for a connection.
     (Thanks to ajrtome for suggesting this addition)
  6. Session keys in the web-based UI.  This prevents you from having your POPFile
     configuration messed up by an evildoer who sends you a URL on your local 
     machine that messes up POPFile through the UI.
  7. Added Next and Previous buttons on the History page for navigating the message
  8. I've reorganized the Buckets page to make the things people do often appear
     nearer the top.
  9. Removed the Top 10 Words code and output as it was producing errorneous output
     and I need to rework the underlying datastructures to make them more efficient
     before getting the Top 10 correct.  (Thanks for biljir for the bug report)
 10. Added new Statistics to measure the accuracy of POPFile.  POPFile now keeps 
     track of the number of messages it has analyzed and the number of times you
     had to reclassify a message.  Statistics are kept after 100 messages have been
 11. A bug in the detection of blank subject lines meant that it was possible for
     the History page to have an email you couldn't click on.  (Thanks to djjames for
     showing why this was happening)
 12. insert.pl updated so that it works correctly with filenames that contain spaces.
     (Thanks to someone whose mail I have managed to lose)
 13. Changed the History page so that you can reclassify a message as the category that
     the message was already in so that you can reinforce POPFile's classification of a
     message.  This is an experimental feature and is turned on with the -reinforce 1
     command line option.  (Suggested by lowdoellwnguy)
 14. Some clients were timing out when receiving very large messages and others were
     showing incomplete messages.  Implemented the same scheme as used by Norton 
     Antivirus.  If more than one second passes during the download and classification
     of a message, POPFile will stream X-POPFile-TimeoutPrevention: headers to the 
     client to keep it happy. (Thanks to zonk3r for this suggestion)
 15. Merged a patch that makes the output of bayes.pl, Lookup and message coloring
     more accurate (Thanks to biljir for his hard work on the patch)
 16. The Remove Page button on the History page was doing the wrong thing and deleting
     the wrong page of messages.  (Thanks to biljir for pointing this out).
 17. All form fields are now checked for validity and error messages printed when entering
     a value that doesn't make sense.  (Thanks for sschinke and others keeping me honest
     on the UI)
 18. We weren't recalculating not_likely when reclassifying messages which could lead to
     strange results early on in the teaching process.  (biljir made the original bug 
 19. Merged in a patch that allowed more punctuation to be recognized in the mail
     parser. (Thanks to biljir for that patch)
 20. In the Windows release (see below) there is a new option to run POPFile in the 
     background getting rid of the command/cmd/DOS shell box that's been annoying people. To
     shutdown POPFile when running in the background click the Shutdown link in the UI. 
     (Thanks to brad_morgan and lex_luthor for the wperl tip)
 21. We were hanging on to old message files when we should have been deleting them after
     24 hours. We now delete after 24 hours. (Thanks for biljir for pointing out this problem)
 22. If the mail message contained the Subject: line written SUBJECT: it was missed by 
     POPFile. We are now case insensitive on headers. (Thanks for biljir for pointing out 
     this problem)
 23. A problem with regular expression was being caused by some invalid characters stored in
     the buckets, these are now filtered out.
 Also there are now two versions of POPFile...

 1. The cross platform version is being released as a source code zip file and should
    work on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, *BSD, Solaris, ...  It has the file name
    popfile-0.17.3.zip.  In order to use this you will need to get Perl installed on
    your system.
 2. There is a Windows version that comes with an installer and does not require Perl.
    The Windows installer puts a minimal Perl installation, all the POPFile source code
    and support files in C:\Program Files\POPFile (you can change this) and adds 
    shortcuts to the Start Menu under POPFile.  The file name for the Windows version is
    popfile-0.17.3.windows.zip.  Run setup.exe to install.  I have done my best to keep
    this download really small, it currently weighs in at 507kB.
 They both contain the exactly the same source code.
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