0.17.8 (December 5, 2002)

 Here's what's in v0.17.8... (small release to fix a problem some people were having
 with v0.17.7 and certain email clients/server, see #1)
  1. Fixed a bug in the UIDL command that was causing some mail clients to hang.
     (Reported by farmerchris)
  2. The Filter list on the History page has <Show All> instead of a blank entry
     to make it clearer to the user. (Suggested by dyoungmcwicom)
  3. Added keeping track of the number of mails in each category and the percentages
     and output the information with a 100% bar chart on the Buckets page. (Requested 
     by someone who's handle I have forgotten)
  4. More improvements in the HTML parser.
  5. The log was getting very full when downloading large emails because echo_to_dot
     was printing out each line which was unnecessary. (Reported by msc_buff)
  6. Changed the name of the Search button on the History page to remove a bug that
     some people were seeing where search did not work. (Reported by msc_buff)
  7. Merged a patch that set binmode on the GIF files we are reading from the disk.
     (Submitted by nobody)
  8. Fixed a bug where the Undo button caused the History page to refresh to the wrong
     page. (Reported by ogiesen)
  9. Updated the manual to use the screenshots from the old manual for Outlook, Outlook
     Express and Eudora.  Incorporated a patch from bwmalcom that gave instructions for
     using POPFile with Pegasus.
 10. Merged a patch that makes POPFile work with Fetchmail. (Submitted by nobody)
 11. Improvements to showing the use of magnets in the History view so that it is clear
     when a magnet is used, which one is used and prevent reclassification of magnet
     classified emails.  (Suggested by dyoungmcwicom)
 12. Changed the PRJSteelBeach skin to not refer to an offsite server for the background
     images but get them from within the skins directory locally. (Requested by sschinke)
 13. Fixed minor bug on Buckets page where the page could get duplicated when clicking
     on a specific bucket for details.
 Just install POPFile on top of the currently installed version.
 Keep the ideas and bug reports coming.
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