0.18.1 (Febuary 27, 2003)

 v0.18.0 was a major update and inevitably some bugs crept in that we didn't
 detect prior to shipping.  Happily they have been fixed, and even more 
 happily the regression test suite now has tests for many of them so that 
 they will never reoccur.  v0.18.1 fixes these bugs (see THE GORY DETAILS 
 below for the gory details) and also has two significant changes: the 
 caching code associated with the History page has been totally rewritten
 by me so that the History barely slows down as the number of messages in
 the History increases; the Windows installer can now configure Outlook
 and Outlook Express Internet email accounts for you (and undo the changes
 if you uninstall POPFile).
 POPFile v0.18.1 is also the first version where the UI meets the Bobby AA
 rating for accessibility.  This means that not only does POPFile not 
 discriminate against particular operating system, or natural languages,
 or ways you want to sort your mail, but it is also accessible by everyone
 regardless of the specific challenges they face.  (FOr more details on
 this drop by http://bobby.watchfire.com/bobby/html/en/about.jsp)
 Aside: If you are young, fit, and computer literate you might wonder why I 
 bothered to make Bobby-level accessibility a requirement. Early on in 
 POPFile's development a user told me that POPFile was a life changer. For 
 him, sorting mail had been an arduous, frustrating task.
 1. BACK UP YOUR OLD INSTALLATION: POPFile makes this really easy, just copy
    the entire POPFile directory somewhere.  You can then safely install
    POPFile v0.18.1 on top of your current installation; I just think a back up
    is a sensible precaution.
 2. YOUR HISTORY WILL CLEAR: I have changed the format of the History files
    used in this version which means that the old History files will not be
    read by POPFile and will in fact be deleted to save disk space.  If you
    need to do any reclassifications prior to installing v0.18.1 do them!
    POPFile does NOT clear buckets, statistics or anything else on install of
    this version, just the History files.  To refresh the History view click
    the History tab at any time; POPFile will check disk for new messages.
 3. IF YOU HAD BROKEN MAGNETS: I have added automatic update of broken magnets.
    If you had a magnet like [foo] which POPFile mistakenly changed to \[foo\]
    it should get magically fixed and start working.
 4. ACCURACY MIGHT DROP FOR A SHORT WHILE: because of some changes made in the
    mail parser it is possible that you might see accuracy drop initially and
    you may find yourself reclassifying a few messages that used to work.  This
    is unfortunate but necessary to make POPFile even more accurate than before
    and v0.18.1 incorporates changes that make POPFile's classification
    accuracy better; however old corpuses might need a little retraining.
 You can obtain the latest release of POPFile by visiting
 Just install POPFile on top of the currently installed version.  But did you
 read the ESSENTIAL READING above first if you are upgrading from a pre v0.18.0
 zonk3r has spent a great deal of time on a POPFile FAQ.  Please check it out
 as it covers many questions that you might have:
  1. Fixed a serious bug that could cause POPFile to stop responding to POP3
     and HTTP requests in the middle of downloading mail when the mail message
     containing a MIME encoding that used certain characters that were special
     in a Perl regular expression. (Reported by ecarlseen, gilesjuk, panther757,
     szkaroly and fixed by sschinke)
  2. The skinning system continues to evole with kraelen, stanley_krute and
     kinematics working madly to make everything skinnable, make everything
     comply with HTML 4.01, CSS1 and Bobby AA guidelines.
  3. The code that handled the History cache that was meant to speed the loading
     of the History pages and that I originally wrote was pretty lame and 
     some people (including me!) were ending up with 1000 message in the history
     and the load time sucked.  So I fixed it.  The new cache will load ONCE and
     ONLY ONCE per file and caches everything in memory.  When new messages are
     received they get loaded once per new message as well.  When a History 
     page needs to be generated everything can be loaded from the cache without
     doing any disk access which means that you should see little difference 
     between 10 messages and 1000.
  4. To magnets would not work correctly if the To line in the email header
     contained multiple lines.  (Reported by drunin and fixed by kinematics)
  5. There was a nasty problem where sometimes the statistics would not update
     correctly which typically happened when you downloaded a large number of
     emails in one batch.  This was caused by the fact that we weren't flushing
     the pipe between the child POP3 process and the parent regularly, this has
     been modified so that this can never happen and statistics update in real 
     time even as mail is downloading. (Reported by burale,  ct85711)
  6. The Windows installer has been much improved with the assistance of 
     xuesheng to make it reconfigure Outlook and Outlook Express for you and 
     include a number of new screens.
  7. Quarantine had a couple of bugs where it would show the incorrect date
     (reported by thejcab) and the wrong to address (reported by dyoungmciwcom)
     under some circumtances.
  8. When the From or Subject was encoded using base64 or quoted printable 
     weird things would show up in the History. (Reported by goulduck and fixed
     by williamxp)
  9. spf and I went back and forth discussing line endings in the files saved to
     disk so that all the MSG and CLS files could be loaded into an editor on
     any platform without extraneous characters.
 10. People who live on the Bleeding Edge were getting update warnings from 
     POPFile even though they were on the latest version.  This has been fixed
     on the update server.
 11. Magnets containing the & character could not be deleted. (Reported by the
     infamous stanley_krute and fixed by helphand)
 12. There was a bug associateds with invisible ink detection that could cause
     POPFile's HTML engine to think invisible ink was in use when a font tag
     spanned a table. (Reported by mfichtner)
 13. If POPFile didn't exit gracefully then statistics were not being saved to
     disk and would not be up to date. (Reported by daemon72)
 14. The Shutdown page had no CSS because POPFile was shutdown, we now have a 
     simple SSI solution just for the shutdown page. (Fix and report by 
 15. There was a problem with Subject Line Modification where if it was turned
     off every subject line got an extra space in it. (Reported by and
     fixed by helphand)
 16. There was a bug where you couldn't look up words that had # in them. 
     (Reported by adammc and fixed by helphand)
 17. Viewing base64 encoded messages in the History resulted in little useful
     output. (Reported by biljir and fixed by pkarlin)
 18. sschinke whipped up a new -archive option that causes message removed from
     the History to get saved away on disk.
 19. sschinke made POPFile behave better when a POP3 server suddenly stops 
     responding in the middle of a conversation.
 Thank you to everyone who has clicked the Donate! button and donated their
 hard earned cash to me in support of POPFile.  Thank you also to the people
 who have contributed patches, feature requests and bug reports and big thanks
 to the two POPFile team members Stan and Sam for their continued efforts.
 Keep the ideas and bug reports coming.
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