0.22.4 (Febuary 22, 2006)

 Welcome to POPFile v0.22.4
 This version is a bug fix release and contains an important security
 related bug fix. It is a highly recommended upgrade because of the
 problem described in #1 below.
 1. A bug in the handling of the charset in an email could be exploited
   to cause POPFile to crash when downloading messages.
 2. Japanese users were unable to use the insert.pl script. This has
   been corrected so the Nihongo language is now correctly recognized.
   In addition the Nihongo language translation has been updated.
 3. POPFile's license has changed (slightly). Prior to v0.22.4, POPFile
   was released under the General Public License version 2, stating
   that the user could choose that or any later version. With the
   current uncertainty about GPLv3, POPFile has been restricted to
   version 2 starting from v0.22.4.
   Once GPLv3 has been finalized, we will review it and decide whether
   to revert to the "version 2 or later" permission. Naturally, all
   prior versions are unaffected.
 4. The Installer's Brazilian Portuguese translations were updated.
   The installer now uses a longer timeout value so it can better
   monitor upgrading large SQLite databases. The SQLite Database Status
   Check utility now displays the size of the database (in KB).
 5. All the "Remove" buttons are now at the top of the History page as
   well as the bottom.
 6. It should be rare that anyone sees it, but we added a 404 page.
 7. X-POPFile-Link improvements to let users change the link address
   used in Stealth Mode. By default POPFile uses for this
   address, but at least one email client (Eudora) issues a security
   warning for links with an IP address or 'localhost'.  The wiki
   explains how to avoid these warnings:
 8. Prior to v0.22.0, "Remove Page" used to archive messages (when
   archiving is active), that behavior has been restored.
 9. Updated the UI to the latest Brazilian Portuguese translation.
 An introduction to installing and using POPFile can be found in the
 QuickStart guide:
 SSL Support is offered as one of the optional components by the
 installer. If the SSL Support option is selected the installer will
 download the necessary files during installation.
 If SSL support is not selected when installing (or upgrading) POPFile
 or if the installer was unable to download all of the SSL files then
 the command
   setup.exe /SSL
 can be used to run the installer again in a special mode which will
 only add SSL support to an existing installation.
 The current version of SQLite (v3.x) is not compatible with
 POPFile. You must use DBD:SQLite2 to access the database.
 Users of SSL on non-Windows platforms should NOT use IO::Socket::SSL
 v0.97.  It is known to be incompatible with POPFile; v0.96 is the most
 recent release of IO::Socket::SSL that works correctly.
 If you are upgrading from pre-v0.22.0 please read the v0.22.0 release
 notes for much more information:
 Thank you to everyone who has clicked the Donate! button and donated
 their hard earned cash to me in support of POPFile. Thank you also to
 the people who have contributed their time through patches, feature
 requests, bug reports, user support and translations.
 Big thanks to Joseph Connors and Brian Smith for working on v0.22.4 and
 to John Murray for the reporting and diagnosis of the charset bug.
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