1.1.0 (November 30, 2008)

Welcome to POPFile v1.1.0

POPFile is an email classification tool with a Naive Bayes classifier, POP3,
SMTP, NNTP proxies and IMAP filter and a web interface. It runs on most
platforms and with most email clients.

This is an important release for several reasons: it is the first to use a
SQLite 3.x database, it is the first to offer a Mac OS X installer in addition
to the usual cross-platform and Windows installer versions, and it is the first
version released since the project moved to its new server.


1. Bug fixes

POPFile now recognizes short TLDs (Top Level Domains) correctly.

POPFile now handles quoted-printable encoded text in multiple lines correctly.

If a message without a SUBJECT line is received POPFile no longer inserts an
empty SUBJECT line.

Fixed the bug that sometimes resulted in POPFile concatenating headers into a
single line instead of appending them.

POPFile now supports lowercase 'user', 'auth' commands.

The configuration file (popfile.cfg) is saved more safely.

2. POPFile improvements

POPFile now uses the SQLite 3.x database format by default instead of the older
SQLite 2.x database format. In addition to reducing the size of the database (a
database using the new 3.x format is about one third the size of the equivalent
2.x database) this change means that it is now easier to use another SQL
database such as MySQL if you prefer.

If POPFile detects an old SQLite 2.x database when it starts up then it will
automatically make a backup copy of the database and convert it to the new
format. This conversion may take several minutes, or even more than half an
hour if the database is very large.

POPFile now automatically reconnects to the MySQL server when it loses the
connection to the server.

The global timeout can now be set to more than 5 minutes.

An error message is now returned to the email client if POPFile finds it is
unable to make the necessary SSL connection to the mail server because of a
missing SSL support file.

The number of 'uninitialized value' warnings output by POPFile when using an
empty corpus has been reduced.

If the mail server does not respond, POPFile now closes the connection.

A new parameter 'pidcheck_interval' is added to set the interval to check the
'popfile.pid' file. If you set this parameter to '0', POPFile will no longer
check the pid file.

For Japanese users the MeCab parser has been updated to v0.97.

The NNTP proxy now supports HEAD/BODY commands (thanks to bkeener).

3. Windows version improvements

The installer now handles any necessary database upgrades before it offers to
start POPFile. This makes it easier for the installer to monitor the progress
of these upgrades. Some database upgrades can take half an hour (or even
longer) if the database is huge and this meant the previous installers
sometimes had to guess when a database upgrade had finished.

The installer has been updated to display the new SQLite 2.x to 3.x conversion

The popfile-service.exe program no longer exits when the user who started the
service logs out.

On some systems when POPFile's system tray icon was used it was possible for
POPFile to lock up or freeze if the cursor was moved over the icon while
POPFile was checking or downloading mail. For this release the system tray icon
code has been re-written to reduce the chance that POPFile will lock up or
freeze when the system tray icon is used.

4. UI improvements

The UI's CONFIGURATION page no longer allows the user to set the UI port and
POP3 listen port to the same value.

5. Other changes

There is now an official Mac OS X installer for POPFile. It runs on Mac OS X
10.3 (Panther) or later.

For more information about the Mac OS X installer, please see:





An introduction to installing and using POPFile can be found in the QuickStart



SSL Support is offered as one of the optional components by the installer. If
the SSL Support option is selected the installer will download the necessary
files during installation.

If SSL support is not selected when installing (or upgrading) POPFile or if the
installer was unable to download all of the SSL files then POPFile's
"Add/Remove Programs" entry can be used to add SSL support to an existing


POPFile requires a number of Perl modules that are available from CPAN. You
will need:

  DBD::SQLite (or DBD::SQLite2)

You can install all the required POPFile modules by getting the Bundle::POPFile
bundle from CPAN.

Please refer to the installation instructions on the POPFile wiki:


Japanese users may need to install some extra programs and Perl modules,
depending upon which Nihongo parser (wakachi-gaki program) they wish to use.
For more information about how to install them, see the POPFile wiki:



Users of SSL on non-Windows platforms should NOT use IO::Socket::SSL v0.97 or
v0.99. They are known to be incompatible with POPFile; v1.14 is the most recent
release of IO::Socket::SSL that works correctly.



In earlier releases of POPFile if you attempted to view the trayicon's tooltip
or hover your cursor over it while checking or downloading mail POPFile might
freeze on some systems. The exact cause is still unknown but it may be related
to some video drivers.

For this release a new approach to creating the system tray icon has been used.
Initial testing suggests that this new code is much more robust and that
POPFile will no longer freeze as often as it did before.

However it is possible that on some systems the new trayicon may still cause
some problems. For this release we suggest users of the IMAP module disable the
trayicon since a freeze may go unnoticed more easily than when using a mail
client to make POP3 connections.


Because the time taken to start a new process on Windows is long under Perl
there is an optimization for Windows that is present by default: when a new
connection is made between your email program and POPFile, POPFile handles it
in the 'parent' process. This means the connect happens fast and mail starts
downloading very quickly, but it means that you can only download messages from
one server at a time (up to 6 other connections will be queued up and dealt
with in the order they arrive) and the UI is unavailable while downloading

You can turn this behavior off (and get simultaneous UI/email access and as
many email connections as you like) on the Configuration panel in the UI by
making sure that "Allow concurrent POP3 connections:" is Yes, or by specifying
--set pop3_force_fork=1 on the command line.

The default behaviour (no concurrent POP3 connections) can cause email clients
to time out if several accounts are being checked (because POPFile only handles
one account at a time it can take a while to process all of the accounts).

If SSL support is being used then the default setting (no concurrent POP3
connections) _MUST_ be used otherwise POPFile crashes.

v1.0.0 and v1.0.1 RELEASE NOTES

If you are upgrading from pre-v1.0.0 please read the v1.0.0 and v1.0.1 release
notes for much more information:



Thank you to everyone who has clicked the Donate! button and donated their hard
earned cash to me in support of POPFile. Thank you also to the people who have
contributed their time through patches, feature requests, bug reports, user
support and translations.



Big thanks to all who've contributed to POPFile, especially naoki iimura for
his work on making POPFile work with SQLite 3.x databases.

The POPFile Core Team
(Brian, Joseph, Manni and Naoki)
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