Beta 1.7 (2 Oct 2002)


The first beta release of the all open source, all Perl POPFile is now ready to go from the POPFile home page at

It's been tested out on Windows and with this release we've gone from a download measured in megabytes to 15k!

The release is all source code and you'll need to have Perl installed on your system to operate it. The release includes a new Bayes engine as a Perl module that you can freely use for purposes other than email classification, the complete source of the POP3 proxy which you can also use for other purposes as you with, a new script for adding mail to buckets, an updated README file that removes all references to the old architecture, no dependence on any Windows functionality, no shareware nag messages, no need to store the entire body of email messages for later classification, supports incremental classification (just whenever you need to), information about each bucket is stored in an easy to read text form (just load the 'table' files in the corpus directory), …

You can still email popfile@jg… with questions, but even better is to post your question to one of the forums here since that makes it public and I'll reply to the forum making your question and answer available to others.


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