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43Import popfile.db/popfile.cfg in the multiuser modeenhancementnormalMultiusersvn
44Interface to change user name (multiuser mode)amatubuenhancementnormalMultiusersvn
41Move the language setting to GLOBALamatubutasknormalunknownsvn
38Multiuser mode tests are neededamatubutasknormalMultiusersvn
187New Windows Tray Icon CodeamatubudefectnormalUser Interfacesvn
42New options in cloning usersamatubuenhancementlowMultiusersvn
40Remove hardcoded userid (1) from the HEADamatubutasknormalMultiusersvn
47Session time out in the multi user modetasknormalMultiusersvn
48Some parameters cannot be changed in the single user modetasknormalMultiusersvn
39new API items not to be exposed through the XML-RPC interfaceamatubuenhancementnormalMultiusersvn
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