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66Tray icon for POPFile servicenewadminenhancementnormal
120Add filter in Magnets Tabnewadminenhancementnormal
143Make the X-Text-Classification header configurablenewadminenhancementnormal
175add comment field to magnet info and Allow magnet sorting by comment, field contents and datenewadminenhancementlow
181Adding Email Address to Magnet Listnewadminenhancementnormal
185cannot view intervacenewadmindefectnormal
191Some page of UI takes one minute over to loadnewadmindefectnormal
193POPFile (Windows version) can't connect some POP3 servers via SSLnewadmindefectnormal1.1.4
206Using Tor with Popfilenewadminenhancementnormal
107Unix Socketsnewamatubuenhancementnormal
115Supporting HTTP compression with GZipnewamatubuenhancementnormal2.0.0
168Real Multi-user supportnewamatubutasknormal2.0.0
169Unicode supportnewamatubutasknormal2.0.0
170IPv6 supportnewamatubutasknormal2.0.0
10After using the "Change" button, need prompt to re-start POPFileassignedbrianenhancementnormal
21Vista UAC uses strange filename when Change used in Add/Remove Programsassignedbriandefectnormal
24The main installer and uninstaller no longer need to check for admin rightsassignedbrianenhancementnormal
31Add ability to patch an existing installation to the installer and "Add/Remove Programs" entryassignedbrianenhancementnormal
56Display a better error message if an AV package has deleted an executable fileassignedbrianenhancementnormal
70Popup window to notify of PF updateassignedbrianenhancementlow
71Windows installer does not stop POPFile Service (popfile-service.exe)assignedbriandefectlow
112During the startup countdown the installer should check POPFile is still runningassignedbrianenhancementnormal
134SFN support detection needs to be updated to cope with newer versions of Windowsassignedbrianenhancementnormal
144Windows installer needs to check for POPFileD when upgradingassignedbriandefectnormal
146When transferring an old installation do not use the 'Program Files' folderassignedbriandefectnormal
147Installer should cope better if existing User Data is in Program Files folderassignedbrianenhancementnormal
160Windows installer leaves obsolete utility scripts behindassignedbrianenhancementnormal
167Windows installer should use existing SFN paths when upgrading a system where SFN support has been disabledassignedbrianenhancementnormal
171Clicking the "Reclassify" button can corrupt the databasereopenedbriandefectnormal
183NSIS plugins have been updated, can't compile svnassignedbriandefectnormal
198Single Message View is not documented !assignedbriandefectnormal
207Microsoft email accounts (* can't use POPFile (1.1.3)assignedbriandefectvery high
50Update German translation for HEADnewmannitasknormal2.0.0
54POPfile and mysql on Linux.. doesn't work?assignedmannienhancementnormal2.0.0
57IMAP: optionally mark Mail as readassignedmannienhancementlow2.0.0
62Could the IMAP module undo a reclassificationnewmannienhancementnormal
87handle renaming of imap folders more gracefulynewmannidefectnormal
114IMAP server password stored in plain text on diskassignedmannidefectnormal
152POPFile stopped working because of "Server said something unexpected" message (during server upgrade/shutdown)assignedmannidefectnormal
173Popfile exits unexpectedlynewmannidefectnormal
196IMAP module should decode non-ascii folder namenewmannidefectnormal1.1.4
53Twist skinnewtexasfettenhancementnormal
172Bug in Sleet theme cssnewtexasfettdefectnormal
186Skins to Removenewtexasfettdefectnormal2.0.0
72Days to keep history on a per-bucket basisnew--enhancementnormal
145"Resend" and Re-Classified E-mailnew--enhancementnormal
178Popfile crashes - does not cause limitablenew--defectnormal
180Intermittent Outlook SEND/RECEIVE error # 0x800CCC90 when email goes through POPFILEnew--defectnormal
182POPfile failed start due to failure to copy freed scalar in MQ.pmnew--defectnormal
189POPFile forgot almost everythingnew--defectvery high
190organize magnetsnew--enhancementnormal
192Empty messages delivered by Popfile's servernew--defecthigh
194Unable to disable modyfication of mail subjectnew--defectnormal
195I'm running two popfiles instances, is there anyway to merge their two sqlite databases into one?new--enhancementhigh
197panic: sv_setpvn Żnew--defectnormal
199POPFile cannot connect to servers with self-signed ssl certificatesnew--defecthigh
200cannot access enterprise gmailnew--defectnormal
202Popfile not delivering emails from ISP to email client?new--tasknormal
204cannot submit ticketnew--defecthigh
205POPFile crashes about once a week (Mac OS X)new--defectnormal
208Failed to Open Stopwords filenew--defecthigh
209POPFile stops working until restartnew--defectnormal
211pop3: 513: Connected to timeout 60new--defectnormal
35Parse XML Document Formatsnewenhancementnormal2.0.0
49Documents for POPFile v2newtasknormal2.0.0
141Accented characters not handled properly by Windows versionnewdefectnormal
164Modified version of '' which updates the message historynewenhancementnormal
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