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Add filter in Magnets Tab

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I have very magnet items. New features like filter or order into Magnets Tab could help me to manage entries. Thanks.

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When you request a new feature, please post it to our discussion forum at first. For more information, please see:


As for magnets, we recommend that you use them carefully. Messages hit by magnets bypass the Bayes engine so that POPFile will never learn from them. For more information, please see:

http://getpopfile.org/docs/glossary:amagnet http://getpopfile.org/docs/faq:whitelists

If you really want to do so, please consider to use POPFile's XML-RPC interface:


BTW, my POPFile gets 99.26% of accuracy with three bucket and only one magnet.


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Thanks for your response and your suggestions.

I use the magnets to hit the messages that I receive from many newsletters service, not to disturb the good functioning of the Bayes engine.

BTW, my POPFile gets 99.55% of accuracy! :-)

Thanks again.

Gian Pietro