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Clicking the "Reclassify" button can corrupt the database

Reported by: brian Assigned to: brian
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Component: User Interface Version: svn
Severity: normal Keywords: reclassify corpus corruption


By default the "Reclassify" box shown in Single Message View is empty (i.e. no bucket name is shown).

If the "Reclassify" button is clicked without selecting a bucket name then the "Single Message View" is replaced by the HISTORY page but this page no longer lists the message! This means the message cannot be viewed or reclassified.

The problem was introduced in POPFile 1.1.2 by changeset:3674 which changed /skins/default/view-page.thtml as follows:

r3453:      <option selected="selected"></option> 
r3674:      <option selected="selected">&nbsp;</option> 

This means that the message was reclassified to a bucket called ' ' and the corpus ends up with an empty bucketid field for this message. This means the UI cannot be used to undo the reclassification.

The following Perl errors were generated when the "Reclassify" button was clicked without selecting a bucket name:

Use of uninitialized value in addition (+) at c:\temp\112\basic/Classifier/Bayes.pm line 547.

Use of uninitialized value in addition (+) at c:\temp\112\basic/Classifier/Bayes.pm line 561.

Use of uninitialized value in sprintf at c:\temp\112\basic/UI/HTML.pm line 2192.

It is possible that something else was broken by that changeset, e.g. at least one similar change was made to another file.

Change History

10/02/11 13:39:35 changed by brian

When I used grep to look for similar code I soon realised my initial analysis was incorrect!

Although removing the "&nbsp;" appeared to fix the problem I think the real problem is that the template code does not set an initial selection value.

If line 200 in /skins/default/view-page.thtml is changed as follows then using Single Message View's "Reclassify" button with no bucket selected simply returns the user to the HISTORY page without corrupting the corpus (i.e. all of the messages are still shown)

current code:   <option selected="selected">&nbsp;</option> 
revised code:   <option value="" selected="selected">&nbsp;</option>  

grep found another similar case in /skins/ocean/history-page.thtml:

    <select name="reclassify_<TMPL_VAR NAME="History_I">">
        <option selected="selected">&nbsp;</option>

        <TMPL_LOOP NAME="History_Loop_Loop_Buckets">

10/04/11 15:52:14 changed by brian

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grep found another similar case in /skins/ocean/history-page.thtml

This is an even more serious bug - clicking "Reclassify" without selecting any bucket will clear out the 'bucketid' field for every message that was listed on the HISTORY page. This means those messages will disappear forever from the UI (and lots of Perl warnings will be generated).

grep has found another case that might need to be fixed: /skins/default/imap-bucket-folders.thtml line 16:

<option selected="selected"></option>

May need to change this line to

<option value="" selected="selected">&nbsp;</option>  

It seems that adding "&nbsp;" to remove HTML warnings can cause a problem if there is no default value specified for the option.

10/04/11 15:53:25 changed by brian

  • summary changed from Clicking Single Message View's "Reclassify" button can corrupt the corpus to Clicking the "Reclassify" button can corrupt the database.

Changed the title of this ticket to make it more accurate!

10/04/11 16:05:27 changed by brian

changeset:3817 fixes the Single Message View case (in the 'default' skin) and the problem with the HISTORY page in the 'ocean' skin. It also updated the 'ocean' skin's Single Message View to reflect the change to the 'default' skin.

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Reopened since we need to make this change on trunk also.