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cannot access enterprise gmail

Reported by: redguardtoo Assigned to:
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Component: unknown Version: 1.1.3
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- popfile can login and get folder list of gmail - popfile CANNOT anaylze the mails in INBOX folder - v1.1.3 - I attach the setup and log


popfile-setup-log-from-chen-revised.zip (24.6 kB) - added by brian on 07/08/15 10:57:45.
Revised POPFile configuration and log file
popfile1438128000.log (133.4 kB) - added by redguardtoo on 07/29/15 02:58:57.

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07/08/15 10:57:45 changed by brian

  • attachment popfile-setup-log-from-chen-revised.zip added.

Revised POPFile configuration and log file

07/08/15 11:06:28 changed by brian

The original attachment contained some email data which I've replaced with * characters.

Have you tried setting the logger_level to 2 as this may provide some more information about the IMAP connection.

07/29/15 02:58:57 changed by redguardtoo

  • attachment popfile1438128000.log added.


07/29/15 03:01:08 changed by redguardtoo

I attached the latest log with logger_level is 2.

The issue is the history TAB is lways empty. Looks popfile didn't handle any mails.