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POPFile crashes about once a week (Mac OS X)

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Component: unknown Version: 1.1.3
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POPFile v1.1.3 crashes about once/twice a week on Mac OS X 10.9.5. I attach the appropriate part of the logfile.


popfile-1.1.3-macosx-crash.txt (3.0 kB) - added by mkeuter on 07/23/15 12:06:36.
Logfile with crash included (2015-07-23)
perl5.12_2015-09-15-141400_Macintosh.crash (12.4 kB) - added by mkeuter on 09/16/15 13:21:57.
Perl crash log

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07/23/15 12:06:36 changed by mkeuter

  • attachment popfile-1.1.3-macosx-crash.txt added.

Logfile with crash included (2015-07-23)

09/16/15 13:21:57 changed by mkeuter

  • attachment perl5.12_2015-09-15-141400_Macintosh.crash added.

Perl crash log

09/16/15 13:24:00 changed by mkeuter

It seems to be caused by a crash of Perl 5.12. But POPFile is the only program which uses Perl on my machine.

09/16/15 13:32:37 changed by mkeuter

What's interesting about it, is that "/usr/bin/perl" is Perl v5.16.2 and not Perl v5.12, which is "/usr/bin/perl5.12".