Ticket #70 (assigned enhancement)

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Popup window to notify of PF update

Reported by: texasfett Assigned to: brian (accepted)
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Component: Installer Version: all
Severity: minor Keywords: update upgrade notify


We have a lot of users using really outdated versions. Could we have runpopfile.exe or the trayicon code popup a window telling users an upgrade is available (with an option to disable the notice or suspend notification until next release). PF 1.x is certainly stable enough that upgrading should not cause anyone a problem.

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07/04/08 13:40:03 changed by brian

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Could we have runpopfile.exe ... popup a window telling users an upgrade is available

runpopfile.exe is written in NSIS so there is almost no limit to what it can be made to do :-)

Making it check for a newer release of POPFile sounds like a good idea. I'll see what I can do about that.

06/07/09 09:39:49 changed by amatubu

The tray icon of POPFile v1.1.1 will include the checking update feature.