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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#50 Update German translation for HEAD new task normal 2.0.0 User Interface
#54 POPfile and mysql on Linux.. doesn't work? assigned enhancement normal 2.0.0 Database
#62 Could the IMAP module undo a reclassification new enhancement normal IMAP
#87 handle renaming of imap folders more gracefuly new defect normal IMAP
#114 IMAP server password stored in plain text on disk assigned defect normal IMAP
#152 POPFile stopped working because of "Server said something unexpected" message (during server upgrade/shutdown) assigned defect normal unknown
#173 Popfile exits unexpectedly new defect normal IMAP
#196 IMAP module should decode non-ascii folder name new defect normal 1.1.4 IMAP
#57 IMAP: optionally mark Mail as read assigned enhancement low 2.0.0 IMAP
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