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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#189 POPFile forgot almost everything new very high Database
#207 Microsoft email accounts (* can't use POPFile (1.1.3) assigned Brian Smith very high POP3 proxy
#192 Empty messages delivered by Popfile's server new high unknown
#199 POPFile cannot connect to servers with self-signed ssl certificates new high unknown
#204 cannot submit ticket new high unknown
#208 Failed to Open Stopwords file new high unknown
#21 Vista UAC uses strange filename when Change used in Add/Remove Programs assigned Brian Smith normal Installer
#87 handle renaming of imap folders more gracefuly new Manni Heumann normal IMAP
#114 IMAP server password stored in plain text on disk assigned Manni Heumann normal IMAP
#141 Accented characters not handled properly by Windows version new normal Database
#144 Windows installer needs to check for POPFileD when upgrading assigned Brian Smith normal Installer
#146 When transferring an old installation do not use the 'Program Files' folder assigned Brian Smith normal Documentation
#152 POPFile stopped working because of "Server said something unexpected" message (during server upgrade/shutdown) assigned Manni Heumann normal unknown
#171 Clicking the "Reclassify" button can corrupt the database reopened Brian Smith normal User Interface
#172 Bug in Sleet theme css new Joseph Connors normal User Interface
#173 Popfile exits unexpectedly new Manni Heumann normal IMAP
#178 Popfile crashes - does not cause limitable new normal unknown
#180 Intermittent Outlook SEND/RECEIVE error # 0x800CCC90 when email goes through POPFILE new normal Database
#182 POPfile failed start due to failure to copy freed scalar in new normal Database
#183 NSIS plugins have been updated, can't compile svn assigned Brian Smith normal Installer
#185 cannot view intervace new Manni Heumann normal User Interface
#186 Skins to Remove new Joseph Connors normal 2.0.0 User Interface
#191 Some page of UI takes one minute over to load new Manni Heumann normal User Interface
#193 POPFile (Windows version) can't connect some POP3 servers via SSL new Manni Heumann normal 1.1.4 POP3 proxy
#194 Unable to disable modyfication of mail subject new normal unknown
#196 IMAP module should decode non-ascii folder name new Manni Heumann normal 1.1.4 IMAP
#197 panic: sv_setpvn Å» new normal unknown
#198 Single Message View is not documented ! assigned Brian Smith normal Documentation
#200 cannot access enterprise gmail new normal unknown
#205 POPFile crashes about once a week (Mac OS X) new normal unknown
#209 POPFile stops working until restart new normal unknown
#211 pop3: 513: Connected to timeout 60 new normal unknown
#71 Windows installer does not stop POPFile Service (popfile-service.exe) assigned Brian Smith low Installer
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