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"Resend" and Re-Classified E-mail

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Something that would be really helpful when re-classifying an e-mail from SPAM to OK would be a way to have POPFile re-pass-on the e-mail the next time the client checks for mail.

We have our clients set to automatically delete SPAM tagged e-mails unless the from e-mail address is already in our contact manager. This "unless" catches most false positives, but not all. It would be helpful to have an easier way to recover client deleted false positives then having the sender re-send.

(Yes, I see the download message function, but while that will get most of the text, I have yet to figure out a way to import that into the e-mail client. Goldmine is the program I need to do it with, but I couldn't figure out a straight forward way in Outlook either.)

Thanks for a great product!

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comment:1 by Manni Heumann, 13 years ago

To be honest, implementing that feature would be a lot of work. All you would have to do, on the other hand, is simply not delete messages marked as spam. Move them to a spam folder that you purge every once in a while and your set.

comment:2 by voncorp, 13 years ago

Unfortunately, while that solution works well for myself, it creates a bunch of other problems due to the way we use Goldmine, and people not being very conscientious of going through and cleaning out the spam folder regularly enough. Thanks for considering it though. If an easy way ever presents itself, I think it would be a good addition.

comment:3 by Manni Heumann, 13 years ago

Perhaps you could make use of a file containing the message?

comment:4 by voncorp, 13 years ago

I think figuring how to make use of that may be my next project. Not sure there is a built-in functionality though (to Goldmine).

comment:5 by Brian Smith, 13 years ago

One way to handle this would be to use the "download" option from the UI's Single Message View to get a copy of the message that needs to be resent. This message could then be "re-sent" using Sam Schinke's script which simulates a POP3 server.

In my email client I have configured an extra account which connects to the FakePOP server so it can get any email that needs to be re-sent.

Sam's script is mentioned in the wiki:

Link to Sam's site:

I've had to make a small change to get the script to work with newer versions of Perl but other than that I've had not trouble using it (I don't use it often). Basically I only run the FakePOP script when there is a message to be re-sent.

I don't have time to go into much more detail at the moment. If you need more details, ask and I'll try to answer once I get back to my main computer.


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