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 +====== Formatting the date display on the history page ======
 +This is a list of the format specifiers provided by the Date::Format module:
 +Each conversion specification is replaced by appropriate characters as described in the following list. The appropriate characters are determined by the LC_TIME category of the program's locale.
 +===== Time =====
 +<code>%s      seconds since the Epoch, UCT
 +%S      seconds, leading 0's
 +%M      minute, leading 0's
 +%k      hour
 +%l      hour, 12 hour clock
 +%H      hour, 24 hour clock, leading 0's)
 +%I      hour, 12 hour clock, leading 0's)
 +%p      AM or PM
 +%P      am or pm (Yes %p and %P are backwards :)
 +%Z      timezone in ascii. eg: PST
 +%z      timezone in format -/+0000</code>
 +===== Date =====
 +<code>%a      day of the week abbr
 +%w      day of the week, numerically, Sunday == 0
 +%A      day of the week
 +%j      day of the year
 +%d      numeric day of the month, with leading zeros (eg 01..31)
 +%e      numeric day of the month, without leading zeros (eg 1..31)
 +%o      ornate day of month -- "1st", "2nd", "25th", etc.
 +%G      GPS week number (weeks since January 6, 1980)
 +%U      week number, Sunday as first day of week
 +%W      week number, Monday as first day of week
 +%L      month number, starting with 1
 +%m      month number, starting with 01
 +%b      month abbr
 +%B      month
 +%h      month abbr
 +%q      Quarter number, starting with 1
 +%y      year (2 digits)
 +%Y      year (4 digits)</code>
 +===== Ready-made combinations =====
 +<code>%c      MM/DD/YY HH:MM:SS
 +%C      ctime format: Sat Nov 19 21:05:57 1994
 +%D      MM/DD/YY
 +%x      date format: 11/19/94
 +%r      time format: 09:05:57 PM
 +%R      time format: 21:05
 +%T      time format: 21:05:57
 +%X      time format: 21:05:57</code>
 +===== Special Characters =====
 +<code>%%      PERCENT
 +%n      NEWLINE
 +%t      TAB</code>
 +%d, %e, %H, %I, %j, %k, %l, %m, %M, %q, %y and %Y can be output in Roman numerals by prefixing the letter with "O", e.g. %OY will output the year as roman numerals.
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