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This is a list of all available releases of POPFile. These are made public for historical purposes only.

Windows version Cross-Platform Release Date
v0.22.1 v0.22.1 2004-10-05
v0.22.0 v0.22.0 2004-09-09
v0.21.2 v0.21.2 2004-08-03
v0.21.1 v0.21.1 2004-03-19
v0.21.0 v0.21.0 2004-03-09
v0.20.1 v0.20.1 2003-11-04
v0.20.0 v0.20.0 2003-10-16
v0.19.1 v0.19.1 2003-07-15
v0.19.0 v0.19.0 2003-06-11
v0.18.3 v0.18.3 2003-07-15
v0.18.2 v0.18.2 2003-06-11
v0.18.1 v0.18.1 2003-02-27
v0.18.0 v0.18.0 2003-02-06
v0.17.9a (none) 2002-12-12
(none) v0.17.9 2002-12-12
v0.17.8 v0.17.8 2002-12-05
v0.17.7 v0.17.7 2002-12-03
v0.17.6 v0.17.6 2002-11-19
v0.17.5 v0.17.5 2002-11-18
v0.17.4 v0.17.4 2002-11-11
v0.17.3 v0.17.3 2002-11-05
(none) v0.17.2 2002-10-29
(none) v0.17.1 2002-10-29
(none) v0.16 2002-10-28
(none) v0.15 2002-10-27
(none) v0.14 2002-10-27
(none) v0.13 2002-10-23
(none) v0.12 2002-10-20
(none) v0.9 2002-10-09
(none) beta 1.7 2002-10-02
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