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Configure Windows Live Mail for POPFile

  • 1. In Windows Live Mail select the Mail Account to be modified and right-click it to display a menu.

  • 2. Select the Properties entry in the menu to display the Properties window.

  • 3. In the Properties window choose the Servers tab. Make a note of the Incoming mail (POP3) server name and the Incoming Mail Server E-mail username.

  • 4. Change the Incoming Mail (POP3) server name to and change the Incoming Mail Server E-mail username to the original Incoming Mail (POP3) server name followed by a colon and the original Incoming Mail Server E-Mail username. So, if the original Incoming Mail server name was and your E-mail username was joe, your new E-mail username would be pop.example:joe

  • 5. The password does not need to be changed.
  • 6. Hit OK to close the Properties window for this account.
  • 7. Ensure that POPFile is running and all mail will be delivered through POPFile!
  • 8. You'll need to make sure POPFile starts whenever Windows does. If you're using the Windows installer version, the installer offers to create a Startup entry for POPFile in the Start Menu which makes Windows load POPFile automatically.

Important! If POPFile isn't loaded, the mail will not get through - and your email program won't connect!

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