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 +====== Who is Michael Bierman? ======
 +I love POPFile. It has not only helped me with the daily deluge of SPAM, I use it to organize and prioritize all my email.  Since I don't code in Perl, I have been trying to give something back by contributing to the [[POPFileDocumentationProject| POPFile Wiki]] including the new default [[:WikiStyles | stylesheet]].
 +If you want to know more about me, see also:
 +  * Resume: [[http://www.thebiermans.net| www.thebiermans.net]]
 +  * Professional Biography: [[http://michael-bierman.blogspot.com/| ResumeBlog]]
 +  * Moderator: [[http://groups.yahoo.com/group/softwareproductmarketingdiscussion/| Software Product Marketing Discussion]]
 +  * Founder: [[http://www.adobealumni.com| AdobeAlumni]]
 +  * Founder: [[http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SVG-evangelist| SVG-Evangelist]]
 +  * SVG Blog: [[http://linguagrafica.blogspot.com| linguagrafica.blogspot.com]]
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