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 +====== Customised text for standard NSIS pages in the main installer ======
 +! This appears on the installer's **Welcome** page. It is a modified version of the standard NSIS text (the reference to system files has been removed because no system files are altered or replaced by the installer).
 +! This text is appended to PFI_LANG_WELCOME_INFO_TEXT if the user does not have 'Admin' rights. The text explains that it is easier to use the multi-user features of POPFile if it is installed by a user with 'Admin' rights.
 +! This text appears in the header area (beside the Otto logo) of the DIRECTORY page used to select the folder where the POPFile program files are to be installed.
 +! This text appears above the box showing the location currently selected for the program files.
 +! This text appears on the **Finish** page, next to the checkbox used to tell the installer to start the POPFile User Interface. [This option will be disabled if the installer has not started POPFile]
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