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 +====== Descriptions used on the installer's COMPONENTS page ======
 +These strings appear in a panel at the right-hand side of the installer window when the mouse cursor is moved over an item in the components list.
 +? DESC_SecPOPFile
 +! Description of the 'POPFile' component (shown on the COMPONENTS page)
 +? DESC_SecSkins
 +! Description of the optional UI 'Skins' component ('SimplyBlue' is always installed)
 +? DESC_SecLangs
 +! Description of the optional UI 'Languages' component ('English' is always installed)
 +! Description of the optional POPFile XMLRPC component which provides access to the POPFile API. If this component is selected, the necessary additional Perl files are also installed (by default this component is NOT selected).
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