Async Test Result


  1. Created a test environment that could be restored between runs.
  2. History contained 1981 messages, sorted on size largest to smallest
  3. Largest message was 80.5kb
  4. Set the number of messages to display on a page to the amount in the table.
  5. Selected an empty test bucket to reclassify to for each message listed on the page
  6. clicked reclassify all to reclassify the top X messages displayed on the page
  • The without async results are stock v 0.22.1 POPFile.
  • The with async results are with a modified UI/ that wraps the while loop in history_reclassify with a db call to synchronous=OFF and synchronous=NORMAL.
  • All times measured using Benchmark module with hires timer and are in seconds.

Results were as follows:

# MessagesWords ReclassifiedTime without asyncTime with asyncTime savings% Savings
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