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Devlopers may want to know (and share!) where to get certain tools mentioned in the documentation and how to use them.


If you are on a windows platform, please see the extra page about cvs on windows.

diff / diff3

To produce patches you need a utility that will give compare the original and the changed version of a file. The DJGPP project has a large collection of Windows/DOS ports GNU tools. diff and diff3 are among them.


Here is a link for the diff package (322 kB) on a German mirror: []. The binaries you are looking for can be found in the “bin” subdirectory of the zip file. You can forget about the rest.

Alternatively, you might want to install the cygwin package that also comes with diff and all its friends. You can get cygwin at


On the command line, just enter

diff -b -c original_file changed_file > diff_file

Where original_file is the name of the original, changed_file is the name of the file with your changes and diff_file is the file that should contain the diffs afterwards. The -b option excludes changes to a files white space. The -c option includes context lines into the patch. People who are not working with an already patch version will thus be able to apply your patches.


If you want to incorporate a patch from someone else into your version of Popfile you need the patch program and a patch (or course).


Again, there is a port of patch to DOS / Windows included in the DJGPP package. And here is the link to a fast, German mirror: [] (114 kB).

And, again, patch is also included in the cygwin distribtution (


patch file_to_be_patched patch
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