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This page is used to gather explanations for the POPFile UI that will be included as tooltips in POPFile itself. When complete, we will copy all of these to the The POPFile User Interface pages as well.

MB> Suggestion: I suggest we use this shortened version for the tooltips, but use Revision 44 for the Wiki. There is some good information that has been stripped out to make things short for tooltips–there is no need to be so terse in the wiki. <em>JC:I agree</em>

Instructions: include each item, end with a percent “%” this will allow for the text to be easily exported later. Everything that was blank “INTENIONALLY LEFT BLANK” will be empty in the POPFile UI.


History% View and reclassify email that POPFile has processed
Buckets% Manage buckets for POPFile to classify and browse classification statistics
Magnets% Manage simple filters that bypass the Bayesian filtering system
Administration% Configuration options
Users% User management
Advanced% Advanced configuration settings

Configuration: <em>(this tab is gone)</em>
Security: Control access to your POPFile <em>(this tab is gone)</em>


MB> These are shorter than “Sort by this column” and more accurate They are shorter, but require a seperate string for each column, when “Sort by this column” gives exactly the same information. And the colons don't make sense.MB> The colons actually came from Outlook–if you look at Outlook, MS uses exactly that toolip: e.g. “Sort by: Subject”–so I would beg to differ that they don't make sense. I think the word “header” is confusing–as not all users know what email headers are and may think you mean the column heading or some such. <em>Just because MS does it doesn't mean it makes sense. Looking at it as a short sentance a colon is not correct. If you had a dropdown that said “Sort by: Subject, CC, To, Date, etc.” it would make sense. Even if short by CC header is confusing to some people between the column header and the email header, in this case the result is the same. They are both the column header and the email header. I think just “Sort by this column” is better anyway. There isn't a real need to have a seperate string for each.</em>

Recent Messages% The number of messages matching your current Search and Filter.
Arrived% Sort by Arrived time
Bucket% Sort by Bucket name
Cc% Sort by CC header
Date% Sort by Date header
From% Sort by From header
Subject% Sort by Subject header
Size% Sort by Size of message
To% Sort by To header
Reclassify% Apply the selected bucket changes.
Search From/Subject%  Enter text to find matches in the From address or Subject.
Filter By% Limit the view to the items in the selected bucket.
Invert Search/Filter% Invert BOTH the From/Subject AND the Filter By bucket.


Bucket name% See bucket details.
Distinct words% Unique words in each bucket.
Subject Header Modification% Insert bucket name to the begining of the subject.  For clients that can not use the X-Text-Classification header.
X-Text-Classification Header% Insert an "invisible" header that most mail clients can use to apply a rule based on POPFile's classification.
X-POPFile-Link Header% Insert a header with a link to the message to allow for quickly reclassifing a message.
Quarantine%  Islolate potentially dangerous email by placing it in attachment.
Bucket color% Select a color for each bucket.
Lookup%  Look up the probability and frequency of a word in all buckets.
Word counts% Number and percentage of total words in each bucket.
Create bucket with name%  Create a new bucket.
Delete bucket named%  Remove a bucket and its training.
Rename bucket named%  INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK
False positives% Messages that were incorrectly placed in this bucket.
False negatives% Messages that were incorrectly not placed in this bucket.


Magnet type% Message header field to match.
Values% Text or address to match.
Always goes to bucket% Bucket to send matches to.


Number of messages per page% INTENIONALLY LEFT BLANK
Number of days of history to keep%  INTENIONALLY LEFT BLANK
User interface web port%  INTENIONALLY LEFT BLANK
Allow concurrent POP3 connections%  INTENIONALLY LEFT BLANK
Run POPFile in a console window% INTENIONALLY LEFT BLANK
Show POPFile icon in Windows system tray%  INTENIONALLY LEFT BLANK
Connection timeout in seconds%  INTENIONALLY LEFT BLANK

Choose skin% Change the look of POPFile.
History Columns% Choose which columns you want to display in the history page.


Most of these options are now on the Administration page.

Accept HTTP (User Interface) connections from remote machines% Allow access from another machine
Accept POP3 connections from remote machines% Required for clients to access POPFile on a server
Remote POP3 server (SPA/AUTH or transparent proxy)% INTENIONALLY LEFT BLANK
Remote POP3 port (SPA/AUTH or transparent proxy)% INTENIONALLY LEFT BLANK
Accept XML-RPC connections from remote machines (requires POPFile restart)% INTENIONALLY LEFT BLANK
User Interface Password% Add a password to limit access to your POPFile

Automatic Update Checking: There is text there–should we move it to a tooltip? no, for both of these it would be way too much text for a tooltip. And that is important stuff a user should be able to see automatically even though it does take up a lot of room. Reporting Statistics: There is text there–should we move it to a tooltip? no ==== Advanced ==== No tooltips; see the OptionReference page in the wiki on all of the parameters. ==== Footer ==== <code> POPFile Home Page% POPFile home page Manual% The original POPFile documentation (slightly outdated) Documentation% POPFile's documentation wiki FAQ% POPFile Frequently Asked Questions vxx (date time - [email protected]) % POPFile version number, the date and time last accessed, and the current user's email address. Request Feature% Have an idea to improve POPFile? Let us know. Mailing List% Want to hear about changes to POPFile? Sign up. Donate% Like POPFile? Contribute to making it more successful. </code>

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