3rd Party Extensions to POPFile

The following extensions are not distributed with POPFile. They are available from their respective authors. Support for these extensions is provided by the author not the POPFile Project. Note that version changes of POPFile can break 3rd party extensions, always check the author's site for version compatibility before attempting to use the extension.

  • POPFileD - Author: Eduardo Subelman - POPFileD is a Mercury/32 Daemon that implements a third way to use POPFile, by having Mercury/32 call POPFile to examine mail. This allows Mercury/32 to serve as the direct interface both to the Internet and to the mail reader clients, without having POPFile as a proxy.
  • POPFile Startup - Author: Oak & Apple Productions - POPFile Startup will start the POPFile email proxy without any user interaction. This allows POPFile to start at login time so that email filtering is always available. The advantage of starting at login time instead of at system startup is that multiple users can have different buckets and settings. Requirements: Mac OS X 10.2 or later, POPFile 0.18.0 or later.
  • Outclass - Author: A. Gandhi - Integrates POPFile's Bayesian mail classification capability into Outlook 2000, 2002 and 2003! What does this mean? It means that you can use the power of POPFile to classify any email you receive using Microsoft Outlook. This includes IMAP-based email and Exchange-based email as well as any other types that may be supported via Office add-ins (theoretically, anyway). See Requirements before trying to use it (Outlook Express is not supported). Last updated for POPFile 0.21.x.

A screenshot showing how it should look after installation.

  • POPFileControl - Author: Andre Bocchini - POPFileControl is a Mac OS X program designed to help users start and stop the mail filtering program POPFile without having to use OS X's Terminal, and to also eliminate the need to create startup scripts for it. The POPFileControl program can be placed under Login Items like any other application. The idea is for POPFileControl to reproduce the System Tray icon on the Windows version of POPFile. Website no longer works - Jan 2007.
  • Goodlook - Author: Greg Bredthauer - Goodlook is a tiny Outlook plugin that adds a “Reclassify Message” button to Outlook, which launches the Popfile web interface for the highlighted message when clicked. It also adds an envelope icon to the system tray when unread email is in your Inbox (as opposed to unread email in your Spam folder) - see the readme for full details. Only tested with Outlook 2003 / Windows XP / Popfile 0.22.3.
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