Why is POPFile causing alarms in my antivirus program?

If you have received a message that contains a virus, it will be stored in your message history. Most modern virus scanners scan email as it comes in and doesn't allow messages containing viruses to be passed on to POPFile or your email client. However, if you have either received messages while your scanner was disabled, or have just installed a new virus scanner and are getting virus warnings about files in your popfile\messages directory, you probably have a message that contains a virus. If the message is simply sitting in that file, it can NOT activate on its own, so it should pose no threat. If you are concerned though, you can usually quarantine the file via your virus scanner. It should be noted though, that once the file is gone you will no longer be able to reclassify that message and you may receive errors in POPFile regarding that message file. Removing the selected file from the POPFile Control Center interface resolves this problem.

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