Does POPFile support APOP ?

Yes. POPFile supports APOP.

How to use APOP with POPFile


  • Your ISP needs to support APOP authentication.
  • Your mail client does not need to support APOP authentication

How to setup your mail client

Important Note: Please turn off the APOP option in your mail client.

  • 1. If your email client is set to use APOP, turn that option off.
  • 2. Setup your email client to use POPFile as a POP3 proxy as described here
  • 3. Add :apop after the 'User ID' (e.g.

Technical information

Currently, APOP is used only between POPFile and the mail server of your ISP. Authentication between your mail client and POPFile is not encrypted:

Your mail client POPFile Your ISP

So, even if your mail client does not support APOP, you can use APOP between POPFile and your ISP.

Note: Your password will be sent as plaintext in the connection between your mail client and POPFile.

See also:

How to verify whether APOP is used or not

You can verify the log files (which are in POPFile data folder) to know whether APOP is used or not. If you see auth APOP in the log, APOP authentication is used. On the contrary, if you see auth plaintext, POPFile connects to your ISP without using APOP.

Note: These logs are recorded only if the Logger Level is set to 2.


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