How do I duplicate a fully configured POPFile on another machine?

Early versions of POPFile were easy to transfer because everything was stored in the POPFile folder (and its sub-folders). Starting with the 0.21.0 release (9 March 2004), the data files can now be stored separately from the POPFile files when a clean installation is performed. This means it is no longer a simple matter of copying a single folder if you want to transfer your POPFile installation to a new computer.

Transferring POPFile to another computer can be done by making a backup copy of your POPFile installation and then using this to restore POPFile on the other computer. See the Backup, Restoration, and transferring POPFile settings page for further details.

For Windows users there is a POPFile User Data Backup/Restore utility. This utility makes it easy for Windows users to make a backup of their current POPFile data which can then be restored to the same location or a different one, possibly on another computer. You can find out more about this utility on its homepage at

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