Editing Hints

Here are some hints about editing this wiki.

Generally, the easiest thing to do is use the toolbar you get when editing a page. Most of the icons should be self-describing, but you will get a tooltip if you hover your mouse over them.

Source code, shell examples, etc

Just place any code snippets into a <code> tag. If you are including code in a specific programming language, simply add the language name inside the tag. Here's some code inside a <code perl> tag:

use strict;
print "Hello, World!\n";

If you have short code examples that do not deserver their own block, you can place them into double inverted commas: ''/usr/bin/perl'' yields /usr/bin/perl.

Turning off parsing

This shouldn't happen too often, but if you need to turn off parsing, you can include your text inside double percent signs: %%.

The old wiki featured CamelCase links. As you can see, the new wiki still does too. But linking by camel-casing keywords is no longer encouraged and we plan to switch that feature off ASAP. CamelCase makes reading more difficult and the feature often triggers on words that should not be links like “PowerBook”, e.g. To link to a page, simply include the page name in double-brackets: [[Perl programming]] or simply [[Perl]].


The dokuwiki engine has a feature called “Namespaces”. They are comparable to directories on your disks and help keeping things organized. For example, we now have the Japanese documentation in the jp namespace. Usually, links to other pages are always relative to your current namespace. So if you are editing something in the Frequently Asked Questions namespace and create a link like this one [[test]] the link will point to a page in the faq namespace.

If you want (or need to) link to the global namespace, you need to prefix the page title with a colon: [[:test]].

You can also nest namespaces. For example, inside the new jp namespace, we now have another new namespace: jp:faq.

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