How does POPFile work?

POPFile is a proxy which sits between your mail client and your mail server. Commands generated by your email client are passed through POPFile to the email server. As messages are retrieved, POPFile reads incoming messages, tries to classify them to the categories you have defined and then passes them on to your email client.

Email server –>POPFile –> Email client

How does POPFile know how to sort email properly? It uses an old, but powerful mathematical technique known as Bayes Theorem (to be precise, Naïve Bayes created by Reverend Thomas Bayes around 1720.)

POPFile breaks down messages into words, parses attachments and filters out HTML, and then uses this algorithm to automatically sort a message into different “ buckets” that you have defined. Your email client can then transfer the messages into different mailboxes based on the bucket classification. POPFile learns by determining the messages characteristics associated with each bucket.

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