What is being Logged in POPFile*.log?

When logging is enabled via the UI's configuration page, logging option, certain items will log to the resulting popfile*.log file;

  • Details of all POP3 sessions
  • Information and error messages from the various modules that comprise POPFile.

General Format of Log Entries

TimestampProcess IDModuleLine numberLog Message
2003/11/15 21:28:38 284319: pop3:648: POP3 Proxy done

Starting and Stopping POPFile Log Entries (POPFile v1.0.1 or later)

TimestampProcess IDLog Message
2008/5/27 00:39:57185:———————–
2008/5/27 00:39:57185:POPFile v1.0.1 starting

This log means that POPFile program is just started.

TimestampProcess IDLog Message
2008/5/27 00:40:01185:POPFile successfully started

This log means that necessary POPFile modules are loaded and POPFile has been successfully started.

TimestampProcess IDLog Message
2008/5/27 00:47:09185:POPFile stopped
2008/5/27 00:47:09185:—————

This log means that POPFile is stopped.

Location of Log Files

Log files are kept in the configured logger_logdir location, the default is ./ which equates to the directory specified in the POPFILE_USER environment variable. In other words the log files are normally kept in the same directory as the user's configuration file (popfile.cfg). The logger_logdir setting can be changed using the Advanced page in the UI.

If the POPFILE_USER environment variable is not defined then ./ will equate to the POPFile installation directory.

The files are named popfile###.log where ### is output of the time command, resulting in unique file names, such as popfile1091836800.log.

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