Starting and Stopping POPFile Automatically


The current Windows installer has a check box labelled Run POPFile automatically when Windows starts This check box is selected by default so the installer will create a suitable shortcut in your StartUp folder (if you do not clear the check box).

If StartUp does not contain the Run POPFile link, you can:

  • Copy the shortcut from Start Menu (Start → Programs → POPFile → Run POPFile) to your StartUp folder (Start Menu (Start → Programs → Startup))
  • Or make a link from (C:\Program Files\POPFile\runpopfile.exe (the default installation location) to the Startup folder.
  • Or, if you prefer, you can use the Windows Scheduler to have a “task” that starts POPFile when you boot up your computer.

Older versions of the Windows installer had a link to start POPFile in the background and another link to start it in the foreground. The current version of POPFile only uses one link to start POPFile (the background/foreground selection can now be controlled from the POPFile User Interface)(See Run POPFile in a console window:? under

Prevent Automatic Starting of POPFile

On Windows, go to Start→Programs→Startup. If POPFile is configured to automatically start when you boot the computer, you will see an item called, Run POPFile. To disable the automatic startup, right click on it and drag it to your desktop using the right mouse button, not the left. When you reach the desktop, let your finger off the right button and three menu items will appear:

  1. Copy Here
  2. Move here
  3. Cancel

Choose Move here. Now popfile will not start when windows boots. Note, POPFile is still running at this point; If you want to shutdown POPFile, do that through the default locaion in the POPFile UI .

Restoring Automatic Starutp of POPFile

To restore POPFile to starting when you boot Windows, just drag that icon from your desk to the Start menu; without letting go, navigate through the Programs menu to the Startup folder and drop it in the folder.


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