Frequently Asked Questions

[[FAQ:GeneralSummary | General Summary]]

Questions about POPFile. What it is, how it works, what it does, costs, etc.

[[FAQ:Preinstall | Preinstallation Questions]]

Before you install it.

[[FAQ:Using | Using POPFile]]

Frequently asked questions about the daily use of POPFile.

[[FAQ:Security | Security]]

Is it harmful?

[[FAQ:ContributingOverview | Contributing to POPFile]]

How you can help.

[[FAQ:BeyondFilters | Beyond Filters]]

About spam and spam prevention.



Here is what I have come up with by combining our ideas with the current wiki: And the first “implementation” can be found at The NewIndex page

1) Quick Links
<code>    a) [QuickStart Guide]
    b) [Download POPFile]
    c) [Help and Discussion Forums]

2) User Information

    a) Setup Guide
            - Installation
            - Configuring mail clients (email client HOWTOs)
            - Training
                 = Bucket Setup (pointer to UI Bucket Page)
                 = Magnets (pointer to UI Magnets Page)
    b) the POPFile UI (each UI tab will have a page)
            - History Page
            - Buckets Page
            - Magnets Page
            - Configuration Page
            - Security Page
            - Advanced Page
    c) Advanced Setups (HOWTOs)
            - Firewalls
            - Proxies
            - Virus Scanners
            - Proxy Chaining
            - Backup, Restoration, and transfer settings
            - LAN setup
    d) FAQ
            - Features
            - Pre-install Questions
            - Usage
            - Security
            - General Questions
            - Spam
    e) Troubleshooting Guide (existing page is pretty good)
            - Known Issues
                  = UI Freezes during mail download (maybe just link to existing Connection Problems page if it covers it)
                  = History Cache (link to same page as below)
                  = Windows Service won't run as LocalSystem (*new)
                  = Installer freeze from banner dll (*new, needs better name)
                  = an empty "pdk-*" folder is created in the TEMP folder every time POPFile is started via runpopfile.exe/popfile.exe
                  = dozens of "Discarded unknown parameter" messages are added to the log file every time POPFile is started via runpopfile.exe/popfile.exe
            - The Installer ate my Corpus (*new)
            - Connection Problems with the POPFile UI
            - Connection Problems with Mail Client
            - History Cache
            - Corpus Corruption (Applicable only to version 0.20.x of POPFile)
            - POPFile freezes
            - POPFile is classifying my email, but it just sits in my inbox. Why isn't it going in my spam folder?
            - Using POPFile on Windows without Administrator privileges
            - Why is a lot of my email marked "Unclassified"?
            - Why is all my email marked "Unclassified"? (*new page - require 2 buckets and train to at least 2 buckets)
    f) Advanced Usage
            - Option Reference
            - Extensions
            - Experimental Modules
            - Utility Scripts
    g) Terms Glossary

4) Developer Information

    a) Developer Guide
     - Developer FAQ (current Developer Guide moves here)
            - Object Model
            - Directory Structure
            - Test Suite
            - Developer Tools
    b) Skinning Manuals
            - CSS Skinning Manual
            - Layout Template Manual (*new page for 0.22)
    c) World Domination (Localization)
    d) Roadmap (Future of POPFile)
    e) Hall of Fame

5) Donations

    a) BuyJohnAMac
    b) [Donate] (forum link
    c) [Donate through SourceForge]

6) Links

    a) [Help Forum]
    b) [Discussion Forum]
    c) Requests a Feature (goes to a wiki page listing what features its not worth requesting like bounce or block message download, then give link to forum)
    d) Report a Bug (same as above, with a link to the Troubleshooting guide)
    e) [Real Time Global POPFile Statistics] (*not real sure where this should go)

7) This Website

    a) Documentation License
    b) [Wiki Help]
    c) Practice editing the wiki
    d) Index (simpler layout listing all pages)
    e) WikiTodo


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