What is subject modification?

POPFile can modify the subject lines of incoming messages so that they reflect POPFile's classfication. This takes the form of:

  • Subject: [bucketname] original subject line
  • Thus, “Subject:Howdy,kid?” would become
  • “Subject:[grampa]Howdy,kid?”.

where grampa is the name of a bucket you defined. You can turn on or off subject modification on the buckets tab in the POPFile UI . There, you can turn it on or off separately for each of your buckets.

Subject modification has the considerable drawback that it modifies your subject line. When you reply to a message with a modified subject line, people might wonder what you did to their nice subjects. And on mailing lists where the list software add the name of the list to the subjects, this can become very clumsy. Imagine Subject:[mailing_lists][long name of mailing list] actual subject“. A better alternative is the X-Text-Classification header that will remain invisible.

Recommendation: If your mail client supports filtering on arbitrary header lines, you may prefer to use that method because your subject lines will be less cluttered.

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