What is unclassified?

Sometimes POPFile will not put a message into one of your buckets, but will instead mark it as 'unclassified'. In colloquial terms, this happens when POPFile is not sure about the classification of a message. In technical terms, this means that POPFile will calculate a probability score for each of your buckets for each message. Usually, the message goes to the bucket with the highest score. But when the difference of the two highest scores is less then the unclassified weight, POPFile is programmed to mark the message as unclassified. Thus, you can adjust POPFile's 'sureness' by changing the unclassified weight. It determines how great the difference of the two highest scoring buckets will have to be for a message to be assigned to the highest scoring bucket. In other words, it determines when the two highest scores are considered equal or not.

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