Hall of Fame

The following people are heroes of the POPFile revolution for their contributions to POPFile since the beginning of POPFile time. They are listed in alphabetical order by last name. (I didn't include myself :-)

Alan Beale (biljir)

Alan has been involved with the POPFile project from early days in 2002. He's consistently been my conscience and a diligent tester of the accuracy of the Naive Bayes classifier.

Hollywood (zonk3r)

Creator of the original POPFile FAQ which contained the summarization of hundreds of messages that he read and replied to during POPFile's early days and all the way up to v0.18.x.

Stanley Krute (stanley_krute) (can CVS commit)

Stanley made an enormous contribution to POPFile with big improvements to the HTML interface which made POPFile HTML 4.01, CSS1 and Bobby compliant.

Scott Leighton (helphand)

Scott spends *hours* hanging out in the POPFile forums helping new and old users get things working and dealing with common problems. He's the closest thing POPFile has to a technical support team!

Sam Schinke (sschinke) (can CVS commit)

Sam is regular contributor to POPFile and has touched all areas of the code. He's the guy behind the POPFile::Loader class that simplified bayes.pl/insert.pl/pipe.pl etc. and wrote most of the HTML parser.

Brian Smith (xuesheng) (can CVS commit)

Brian stepped in to help out with the Windows installer only to take it on full-time and improve it well beyond my simple little thing and in turn helped the average POPFile user get up and running quickly.

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