Configure Courier Mail for POPFile

1. If you don't already have a working email account in Courier, create an email account following the instructions in the Courier documentation and verify that it is working before setting up POPFile.

2. If POPFile isn't installed, follow the directions at Using POPFile on Windows Platforms

3. In Courier, select the email account you'd like POPFile to sort by finding the account under your mailbox. Select the mailbox on the left and then select the email account on the right side as in the figure below 1). Right click on the email account and select Properties… or select the account and hit Enter and then select the Mail Server tab.

4. Before changing anything, make a note of the Incoming mail server (POP3) server name, the User Name, and the Incoming port number in the Properties window and modify them as follows. Under the Incoming Mail Server area of the properties window:

  • User ID: Change the User Name to the combination of the original Incoming mail server (POP3) server name and the original User Name separated by a colon. So, if the original Incoming mail server (POP3) name was and your username was jdoe, your new username would be You can also include the port number of the incoming mail server, but this is not necessary if it uses the standard port of 110. There is no harm in including the port in any case, and to do so add it between the server and your user name like so
  • Port number: (optional) see Proxy Chaining under Config proxies for details about selecting a port.
  • Password: You don't need to change the password.
  • Server Name: Change the Incoming mail server (POP3) server name to

5. You will need to modify the SMTP authentication (you user name and password) clicking on Edit… under Outgoing Mail Server. (see the image above) You will then see a dialog like the one pictured below.

6. Click on the outgoing server name and click Edit… and you will see a dialog like the one pictured below:

  • Server Name: Change the Incoming mail server (POP3) server name to the name of the SMTP or outgoing server as directed by your email hosting service. If they give no particular instructions, this may be the same as the server listed as the incoming mail server you used above.
  • This server requires authentication: make sure this option is checked.
  • User Info: click on this button and you will see the dialog like the one pictured below:

  • 6.a. Choose the User Supplied Authentication Method.
  • 6.b. Choose Log on using and enter your original user name and password.

7. Click OK to close the Authentication window, OK to close the Add/Edit SMTP Server dialog, OK to close the SMTP Server List, and OK to close the Properties for the email account.

8. Ensure that POPFile is running and all mail will be sorted by POPFile on delivery!

9. You'll need to make sure POPFile starts whenever Windows does. If you're using the Windows installer version, you can drag the 'Start POPFile in Background' link from the POPFile group in the Start menu to the Startup group. Now, Windows will load POPFile each time.

10. Important! If POPFile isn't loaded, the mail will not get through - and your email program won't connect! see Troubleshooting Specific POPFile Issues for details on troubleshooting.

11. Set up filters to move email to a different folder (e.g. Spam). See the Courier documentation for details on creating filters.

Note the relevant areas in these images has been changed from black to red to highlight the areas of interest.
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