Hide bucket name in replies (Outlook Express)

In email clients that do not provide access in their filters and rules - notably Outlook Express it is useful to turn off Subject modification for the principal non-Spam buckets so that the Subject is more meaningful and so that when replying or forwarding a message your bucket names don't get broadcast to an uncaring and disinterested world.

As a partial workaround this trick discovered by Sam Schinke mitigates some of the problem, while still allowing filter rules access to the bucket name.

  • Reducing bucket_name length to <4 characters and
  • changing bayes_subject_mod_right to “:

will make OE eat the added bucket name when constructing the Subject for a Reply or Forward.

Limitation: when replying to a Reply or Forward, the bucket name does get removed but is replaced by an extra “Re:” or “Fwd:” leading to monstrosities such as: Subject: Re: Re: Fwd: Re: This is really ugly which have to be fixed by editing the subject before sending.

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