Using POPFile on a LAN

Stealth Mode Must Be Off

POPFile normally operates in stealth mode, which means it refuses connections from any machine other than the one that POPFile is running on. This protects the user from unauthorized attempts to access POPFile's services, including the POP3 proxy and UI.

To use POPFile in a LAN configuration where POPFile will be hosted on a machine other than the machine that will be accessing either the UI or the POP3 proxy, you must turn off stealth mode on the UI's Security Page. The two standard options are:

  • Accept POP3 connections from remote machines (requires POPFile restart)
  • Accept HTTP (User Interface) connections from remote machines (requires POPFile restart)

Additionally, if you have activated any optional modules, like SMTP, NNTP, or XML-RPC, then you may see options regarding stealth mode for those modules.

Accessing the UI

When operating with a LAN set up, you will need to alter the URL used to access POPFile's UI from the client machine. In non-LAN operation, the URL points to the local machine that POPFile is running on, . When using a LAN set up, the URL must point to the machine that POPFile is installed and running on. You can accomplish this using either the machine's network name (assuming your LAN set up provides naming services, either via DNS or Wins), or by IP number.

  • Machine Name - if the client machine is named gandalf and the POPFile machine is named frodo, the URL you would use on the client machine to access POPFile's UI would be http://frodo:8080/
  • IP Number - if the client machine is at and the POPFile machine is at, the URL you would use on the client machine to access POPFile's UI would be

Note: On most systems, you can find the machine name of the POPFile machine by looking on the UI's Advanced Page under the bayes_hostname parameter. The value shown there will typically be the correct machine name.

Configuring the Mail Client

When operating with a LAN set up, your mail client must be configured to recieve POP3 incoming mail via the correct machine name or IP address of the machine on the LAN that is running POPFile. The username must specify the original POP3 server location before POPFile. So, given the following set up;

  • Client machine is on with machine name gandalf and original POP3 incoming mail server set to and original username was myusername.
  • POPFile machine is on with machine name frodo.

You would configure your mail client's POP3 server to be either or frodo and you would replace the username in your mail client with

Host Machine is Also Mail Server

It's not uncommon in a LAN environment to have a mail server running on one of the machine's on the network. In those cases where you want to run POPFile on the mail server machine, you will need to Proxy Chain POPFile and the mail server. That typically will involve changing the POP3 listen port for POPFile as well as the POP3 port on the client machine's mail client.

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