Setting up magnets

Magnets are an optional feature that let you bypass POPFile Bayesian classification system. For example, you can set up a magnet that will put every message from a certain sender into a certain bucket similar to a normal filter rule in your mail client.

Magnets are very powerful and you should use magnets with care. If you use too many magnets messages caught by a magnet will bypass the Bayes engine and POPFile will never learn what a good message looks like.

There are occasions where a magnet is useful. Suppose you are on a mailing list where spam is discussed. A message to that list might contain a complete spam mail, causing POPFile trouble determining that you want to see this message.

It is not a good idea to create a filter for all messages that have your address to field. You would end up with a lot of spam and none of those messages would be classified. But for example if you want to make sure you don't miss a message from your girlfriend you may want to setup a magnet for her address.

To setup a magnet go to “Create New Magnet” section at the bottom of the Magnets page. From the Magnet type dropdown box select what header you want the magnet to match (to, cc, from, or subject). Then in the Values textarea type the text you want the magnet to match (wildcards are not supported at this time). Then choose from the Always goes to bucket dropdown box which of your buckets the messages will go to.

You may enter more than one value at a time as long as they are the same type and will go into the same bucket. Use a separate line for each value.

You can also setup a magnet using the QuickMagnets section on the Single Message View page.

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