Moving Messages in Windows Live Mail

  • 1. By default Windows Live Mail does not display the menu bar. Click the Menus button (at the top right of the window, next to the ? button) then click Show menu bar to display the menu bar.

  • 2. Select Tools then Message rules then Mail

  • 3. The New Mail Rule window appears.

  • 4. Windows Live Mail cannot use the X-Text-Classification header, which would allow mail filtering to occur completely in the background. So instead, click Where the Subject line contains specific words and also click Move it to the specified folder.

  • 5. Scroll down the actions list (under Select one or more actions) and select Stop processing more rules

  • 6. Now click the blue highlighted contains specific words link and the Type Specific Words dialog appears.

  • 7. Enter the name of one of your buckets, surrounded by [ and ]. By default POPFile uses square brackets to surround the bucket name but you can use the ADVANCED page in the POPFile User Interface to change this behaviour (the bayes_subject_mod_left and bayes_subject_mod_right settings).

  • 8. Now click Add and then OK to close the Type Specific Words dialog.

  • 9. Click the the blue highlighted specified link in “Move it to the specified folder” and the Move dialog appears. Click the folder these messages are to be moved to. The New Folder button can be used to create a new folder if required.

  • 10. Click OK to close the Move dialog.

  • 11. Replace the default name for this rule with a more meaningful name

  • 12. Click Save rule to close the New Mail Rule window.

To repeat the process for another bucket, click the New button in the Rules window. When all the necessary rules have been created, click OK and you're done!

Note: In the POPFile web interface, under the Buckets tab, make sure Subject Header Modification is turned on for all buckets you want to be able to use Windows Live Mail filters on. Messages you want to keep in your inbox do not need Subject Modification. The current setting for each bucket is shown by the checkboxes in the Subject Header Modification column. If a setting is On for a bucket you will see a tick in the checkbox.

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