POPFile Options for Mulitiple User Setups

POPFile recognizes two environment variables that can be used to support multiple user installations of POPFile.


The POPFILE_ROOT environment variable should be set to the path to POPFile's software installation, e.g., the location of popfile.pl


The POPFILE_USER environment variable should be set to the path to the individual's data location. This location will hold that user's configuration files, database, and message history.

Configuration Options

Multiple Users on Same Machine

Version 0.21.0 of POPFile supports phase 1 of the multi-user roadmap. That support is not true multi-user, it is simply support for multiple users sharing the same POPFile software installation on the same machine, but where the usage is of the pattern,

  • user A logs on machine, user A's POPFile starts, mail client starts, user A uses machine.
  • User A logs off machine, user A's POPFile shuts down.
  • User B logs on machine, user B's POPFile starts, mail client starts, user B uses machine.

In that type of usage, both users would typically be configured with the same ports for both UI and POP3 since only one instance of POPFile is ever running at any given time.

Multiple POPFile Instances Running on Same Machine

A second option is to configure for multiple instances of POPFile running simultaneously on the same machine. In that configuration, each installation must be configured to use non-conflicting ports for both POP3 and the UI.

For example, one user could use ports 110 and 8088 for POPFile and for POPFile's web UI, respectively, and another user on the same computer could use port 111 and 8089.

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