Moving email into another folder in Outlook

POPFile can classify messages. It is up to your email client to take further action based on POPFile's classification. For example, you may want to sort messages into different folders, put up an alert message, or apply an Outlook “category”.

  • 1. In Outlook select the Tools→Rules Wizard…

  • 2. The Rules Wizard appears. Click New… and select Start from a blank rule.

  • 3. Outlook can use the X-Text-Classification header, which allows mail filtering to occur completely in the background. Click Next and select with specific words in the message header.
  • 4. Now click the grey highlighted specific words link and enter “X-Text-Classification: ” (note the trailing space after the “:” !) followed by the name of one of your buckets in the box that appears and hit Add, then OK.
  • 5. Click Next and select move it to the specified folder.
  • 6. Click the grey highlighted word specified and a list of folders appears. Select whichever folder you want to move messages from that bucket to and hit OK.
  • 7. Hit OK, then Finish.
  • 8. Repeat the process for each of your buckets, then OK out.

You're done!

Note: In the POPFile web interface, under the Buckets tab, you will want to turn off Subject Header Modification for all buckets since Outlook doesn't need it for filtering. The current setting will be written next to a button that allows you to choose the opposite setting. If a setting is On for a bucket you will see “On [ Turn Off ]”.

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